Journey to Wholeness – Body, Soul & Spirit

A very important part of living well begins with understanding that we are three-part beings, body, soul & spirit. I stand in awe of my Creator, of His wisdom and knowledge in how our three parts are so linked together and dependent upon one another. It is important to note, that all three of these parts be balanced and healthy in order to live a life of wholeness. What we experience in the body and the spirit will affect how the mind functions. There are many avenues available to help with healing the mind. A healthy mind can help heal the body. Today there are so many mind/soul wounds bred by things such as PTSD, abuse, rejection, abandonment, etc. Who we are on the inside is our spirit which was breathed into us by our Maker.  In order to have balance in our being we must feed and be free in all three parts, body, soul & spirit.

Being a three-part being reminds me that I am made in the image of my Creator, and that my free will allows me the choice to accept or reject Him and His creation, namely me. If I want to live well, to live whole it is my choice to embrace myself and Him with love accepting Him in His fullness, all three parts. Yes, that is right, He is also a three-part being. He is Father, Son (Jesus Christ) and Holy Spirit.

Scientists have proven that each part of our being is reliant on the other, interacts and impacts the other, and short of traumatic injury or significant disease is fully capable of healing itself if given all the right components to do so. It is my responsibility to do all that I can do to find out the things that have the ability to help my body to heal as well as those things that disrupt or interfere with my body’s optimum healing ability.

There are many recent scientific studies that are showing how anger, unforgiveness and bitterness actually resonate in organs in our chest and abdomen, disrupting their normal functions and many times inflicting inflammation, pain and disease.  The list goes on and on of how each emotion reflects in the body and how if we address the root cause and emotion many times the affliction resolves itself.

I am currently dealing with several things; the first is the continual after effects of physical trauma from five years ago that still elicits significant bone and joint pain, as well as nerve pain on a daily basis.   In addition, the firestorm of the #MeToo revealing touched neatly wrapped, deeply buried trauma I experienced as a child, a teenager and as an adult which basically came spewing out much like a jack-in-the-box that has been over cranked. While many of the women that are accusing powerful men have been found to be lying and their accusations discounted, there are many who are coming out after 40-50 years describing what they went through.

These women touch my being in a way that is hard to explain. You see, when I was ten, I was sexually abused/raped by a close family friend. This went on for two long years. I went to my mother finally and told her what happened. She was in shock and could not believe it.  I begged her to say nothing to his dad, for she had years before given him the right to discipline her children as my dad had died and they had been friends. Yeah, weird lines of thought back then, I know. I was given a beating for talking and told to be quiet. The dad was a leader in the church, but that did not stop four more years of inappropriate touching from the dad. To say there were physical, emotional and mental traumas that occurred over an eight-year span, would be an understatement.

My coping mechanism back in the day, when cops didn’t do anything and referred these matters back to the very family /friends involved, was to wrap my emotions very tightly and push the experiences very deep to the point of trying to forget them so I could go on. I lived in a smaller nowhere town. I learned how to be real quiet, to the point I lost my voice and could not emotionally deal with intimacy, relationships, and had lots of self-hatred. It affected me to where I was not as good of a mom as I wanted to be. The experiences so paralyzed me, I could not find my voice to report an attack at my school by the custodian’s son as I was cleaning the classrooms at 15 or a rape when I was 33. Yes, this was all horrific, but those experiences have made me who I am today.

What my journey has provided is the cultivating of a deep relationship with Jesus Christ, along with tools such as prayer, EFT, journaling, and meditation in order to deal with the physical, emotional and mental trauma from both my childhood and adulthood. These challenges provided me the opportunity to either be a victim or victor and I chose victor. Yes, the challenges of a catastrophic spinal injury can be daunting and chronic pain is not fun, but I am continually looking for ways to heal, to be whole again and am amazed at the daily joy I get to experience because of good choices in my health and nutrition.

I am thankful that this particular part of my journey is giving me the opportunity to identify things that can bring healing and apply them. I am excited to be able to share what I find. Over the next week or so I am hoping to share information that can give insight into how to live a life healthy and whole body, soul and spirit.

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