My name is Trish Graham.  I sustained catastrophic spinal injuries in a horseback riding accident in May 2012.  I feel very fortunate to have been given a second chance at life following 10 1/2 hours of surgery at Stanford, while the best surgeons in the country put me back together, with no promise I would ever walk again.  I am highly sensitive to any narcotic, so my recovery depended upon different ways to handle pain, to function again.

I had always felt I had a good handle on life, on how to live it to its fullest . I thought I knew how to deal with stress, and how important it was to be able to multi-task in a fast-moving world.  This accident was my wake-up call.  I found out that I did not understand how to live life to the fullest. I was on a quick trip to burnout; and at 55, though I had managed some severe life stress well, I had no clue how the years of abuse to my body would play out when I became severely injured.  I spent years touting how I didn’t need more than 6 hours of sleep, could eat anything, and was one of the best multitaskers ever.  I had no idea the challenges I was about to face with not enough sleep, too much work stress, the wrong foods, etc.

I relearned how to walk again, and though I still deal with pain and nerve damage, it is much less than it could have been had I become addicted to narcotics.  My journey to find relief from pain, to regenerate nerves, to heal my body from the inside out and learn to live again has brought me to alternative and complementary ways of healing, to learn of how nutrition impacts my everyday health.

My journey has been long, sometimes frustrating, but always an adventure in discovery, learning how the human body can heal itself in many cases, and in cases of traumatic injury, will relearn how to do many things and that I have a choice in giving my body the optimal environment to do so.

It is my passion to share with others my  journey, where I have and am walking, what has worked and the information I have gathered as I find my way since my accident, that has caused me to create this site.

I will not give medical advice, as this is best taken up with your healthcare practitioner .  I am simply sharing my story and the information I gathered while looking for answers.   I am hopeful that it will, in some way, make a positive impact for you as you discover your journey to wellness.

I wish you the best always and that you too can find satisfaction and joy in your journey to wellness.
I hope you enjoy the site and take a moment to drop me a line.

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