The purpose of this blog is to share my journey and the information that I found along the way that helps me achieve wholeness in body, soul and spirit every day.

It takes knowledge to get answers and this knowledge to be applied correctly to get results.  In addition, it also takes commitment and consistency.  Results are almost never instantaneous, but they do occur over a period of time.

It is my responsibility to take care of myself.  I have found that my challenges have created an opportunity to explore so many different things to help me heal in body and soul and spirit.  For me to live a life of wellness, a radiant life, is not something that accidentally happens.  It is something that only comes with intentionality of thought and action.

What works for my body, for my spiritual well-being, for my mind to be balanced, healthy and whole is personalized.  That does not mean it only works for me.

I am sharing my experience in hopes that something that works for me might also work for you.  At no time am I giving medical advice or telling anyone what they need to do.   I am simply sharing my experience, and information I have gatheted along the way.  In my journey, I have had many common and unique challenges that have caused me to look beyond what is readily available to meet the need.  What I mean by that is because of specific medical challenges, I have had to look for complimentary and alternative medicines that can either work with or instead of Western medicine.  Western medicine is typically based on pharmaceutical treatment being heavily relied upon and leaves little inclusion of other modalities of healing.

In my case, I am highly sensitive to 90% of narcotic pain medication and very sensitive to standard pharmaceutical hormone replacement and insulin therapy.  My body just doesn’t process it.  I am also sensitive and allergic to many environmental and agricultural items as well.

In 2012, I suffered a catastrophic spinal injury and almost died.  Some of the nation’s best specialists at Stanford put me back together in a 10 1/2 hour surgery.  While given no promises of walking again, I was told I would deal with pain the rest of my life. Following my surgical treatment, the doctor found a narcotic I could take short term. However, there was nothing available I could tolerate for longterm relief, not for lack of trying.  Everything available my doctors knew of was tried, but of no help.  My neurosurgeon spoke the most important words I had ever heard that set me on my journey.  He said, “You are going to be in pain the rest of your life, sometimes very intense.   It is up to you, you must find a way to deal with it.  You can live on narcotics or find another way. There is nothing else I can do.”

It is through these challenges and the lack of readily available information that could help me or bring relief that I was motivated to dig and search deeper for what might be a solution, or a piece of the puzzle.

I know what chronic pain does and without relief how dark the world can be.  I know what I have found that has helped me do more than just survive, that has helped me to love, live and enjoy life again.

In sharing my journey on my blog and the information that I have found and applied that has helped me, it is my hope to provide some hope and encouragement.